DAO+DEFI2.0+WEB3.0+Digital twin transaction.
Decentralized decision execution through on-chain governance.

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SNS DAO Introduction

ď‚·SNS DAO is the first community-led decentralized economic initiative, innovative and functional financial products and services, guided by a master digital governance system, known in the cryptocurrency industry as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
SNS DAO is the first decentralized funding-backed community talent pool protocol to run on the Binance Network.

  • SNS DAO is a decentralized talent ecosystem.
  • The SNS DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of community members around the world.
  • SNS DAO is an organization that creates digital twin transactions and IP value for metaverse virtual characters.

The SNS advantage


Extremely low handling fees


Bounty Payment System


Encrypted peer-to-peer transmission


Multi-security structure


Secure transmission


System security

Our Way


The first stage

Project proposal
The idea of the technical team
VI AI Design
Technology development
Create community

The second stage

Smart Contract Deployment
Media announcement
SNS Partner Recruitment
Global Marketing Launch

The third stage

Global launch
The token contract is listed on the BSC chain FstSwap decentralized exchange for trading
Mining plan online
SNS ecological layout

The fourth stage

NFT transaction
SNS marketing expanding plan
Open digital twin exchanges to build NFT IP value
Metaverse layout

The fifth stage

Metaverse officially launched
Realize 10,000 times of SNS ecology
Realize SNS Spiritual Freedom, Wealth Freedom

Four Ecological Values of SNS DAO

SNSDAO digital twin transaction

1. Physical model, sensor update operation history data
2. Multi-disciplinary, multi-physics, multi-scale, multi-probability simulation process
3. Virtual space mapping, reflecting the whole life cycle process of the corresponding physical equipment
4. Beyond reality, a feat of reverse thinking in the industrial field
Four features: virtual-real mapping, real-time synchronization, symbiotic evolution, closed-loop optimization
Poster 2 Metaverse Virtual Character-The Future Value of IP

New entry for commercial traffic

Huge market scale: trillion-dollar industry scale, virtual human becoming a new trend in the service industry, future gold realization direction
IP Monetization Commercial Monetization: The commercial value of virtual human beings are constantly being tapped and released, reshaping IP business logic and new trends in brand cooperation
Wide application of scenarios: intelligent and scenario-based development of virtual humans, virtual parallel worlds, and broad application fields

SNSDAO's Co-governance Approach to Open the New Digital Era

Open and transparent: transparent rules and open source code
Community co-governance: help build the DeFi ecosystem, balance the interests of all parties, collective ownership promotes human cooperation, co-governance, sharing and win-win
Ecological cornerstone: Community DAO is the cornerstone of SNS ecology, building a new model of future social governance
Resource integration: Through the combination of resources, technology, marketing, development, etc., and complementary advantages, we can work together to promote the growth and prosperity of the entire SNSDAO ecosystem

SNSDAO Web3.0 defi financial value

The continuous growth of the SNSDAO ecosystem will further promote the implementation of Web3.0 and the development of Web3.0.
Helping the development of the financial field: Breaking the limitations of traditional finance in terms of user qualifications and geographical areas, and using codes and protocols to automate processes, compared with traditional financial products, it helps to eliminate possible human errors.

Questions for SNS DAO

Introduction to the Decentralized Bounty Task Platform

In order to better protect the bounty task ecology, SNS DAO has created a decentralized bounty task platform. Over time, each bounty task can use the platform to perform security audits.

Decentralized DAO Global Organization IDO Platform Introduction

SNS DAO's IDO platform is a DEX project built on the Binance network, supports cross-chain bridge services, and explores the compatible operation of Layer 2 solutions on multiple public chains. At the same time, SNS DAO attaches great importance to project research and Value assessment to reduce risks and serve more community users.

Introduction of DEFI2.0 Lending Platform with Decentralized DAO Consensus

SNS DAO's decentralized DAO consensus DEFI2.0 lending platform will provide cross-chain safe, convenient and modular lending and pledge services.

Introduction of Decentralized Quantitative Financial Service Platform

The early focus of the SNS DAO team was mainly on the U.S. stock market and the A-share market. Create a decentralized quantitative financial service platform in the SNS DAO DAO ecosystem.


Token introduction

  • Total issuance:
    21 million
  • 90% pledge to destroy mining
    (lock position)
  • 1% technology
    (locked for five years)
  • 9% Pot Construction
    (Locked Position)



Focusing on blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technology development


Research on blockchain and cybersecurity

Technical experts

SNS DAO technologist, senior programmer and blockchain technologist

Technical experts

SNS DAO technologist, senior programmer and blockchain technologist


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